Software that optimizes the marketing, distribution and selling of financial products

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Direct to Customer

Deliver one to one communications to every customer to achieve maximum sales.

Affinity / Association

Build multiple bespoke web portals instantaneously with personalized customer journeys for every individual.

Group / Worksite

Build new ‘enrollment cases' in house in 24 hours with any mix of products and streamline the administration process.

Private Exchange

Ensure every customer gets the products that best meet their needs and budget in the most customer-centric manner.


Engage customers as individuals

Stream is a cloud-based enterprise platform that provides seamless distribution, marketing and enrollment capability across Affinity groups and Associations, Worksite and Direct to Consumer. Its self-learning algorithms and the highly personalized user experience allow you to sell better than your best sales person, 24/7.


Intelligent, centralized and integrated database, ensuring a personalized customer experience, based around eligibility, needs and requirements, whilst dramatically cutting marketing and customer acquisition costs.

Your Brand

Own-branded web sites which can be created quickly, using templates with drag-and-drop design which allow real-time changes to communications content, layout and products.


A unique web enrolment and communications portal for each employee, with user ID, which can fully integrated with Third Party Administrators/Brokers and Call Centres. The portal allows employees to keep policies, make a claim, and receive news and marketing offers and updates.

Flexible Export

Own-branded (HTML) application forms with inbuilt XML data capture and through-processing, avoiding the need to re-key data and making the sales process simple, compliant and customer-friendly.

Flexible Enrollment

The system works equally well for self-enrollment and assisted enrollment, emulating the role of an agent or advisor through reflective questioning.

Highly Targeted

Test-and-learn capabilities using artificial intelligence, which allows you to test the effectiveness of hundreds of different, highly targeted marketing messages.

Promote Yourself

Product offers and marketing campaigns can be created in hours.


Completely scalable, works in any language and delivers on any platform or device (pc, mobile, tablet etc).

Don't lose progress

If a customer stops half way through, the system can save the information and trigger a call-back or an email to a secure web portal where their information is stored and shared to provide sales assistance.


The platform learns customer preferences, identifies sales opportunities, and delivers context specific video, content and planning tools to assist sales whilst providing you with measurability to aidi up-selling and cross-selling.


Enterprise SaaS based platform that allows you to market, distribute and sell far more effectively and efficiently than anything else on the market.

Easy to use

It does not require you to have additional programming or IT support. Designed and built to be managed and run by non-technical people with little if any support from us. It’s that simple.

Unified Solution

Incorporates middleware and connectivity to join up and enhance your existing systems to allow shared data and content and seamless though-processing. This vastly improves customer understanding and engagement, whilst substantially reducing data processing costs, crossing the chasm between front and back office.


XStream is a powerful and customer-centric enrollment platform designed for immediate deployment by brokers and TPAs or insurance carriers.

XStream is a lighter version of Stream, featuring the same customer-centric enrollment sales and enrollment capability but without the enterprise configuration and marketing tools. It allows insurance providers, brokers and TPA brokers to rapidly build new worksite enrollment sites and to sell insurance and financial products quicker and more easily.

Its simplified configuration tools and drag and drop product menu mean it’s easy to use with no need for training. As a result, new users can typically create a new worksite enrollment within hours, saving time and money, allowing your team to spend more time on business development and sales.

Best of all, it screens out ineligible products, and its built in intelligence steers customers to the most relevant products as well as up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. By guiding them through the sales process each customer receives a highly personal service. Customers don’t need to re-enter data, even when they are buying multiple products from different insurance providers.

Vital industry knowledge at your fingertips

Simple to use and pre-loaded with leading insurance provider products. It offers immediate sales enrollments without the training or cost.

Simple To Use Tools For Your Business

Change the product mix and configuration using the simple drag and drop toolbar, allowing your team to focus on winning new business, whilst providing a great customer service.

Multiple product enrollments on one system

Enrolls multiple products compliantly, without needing to re-key data or use multiple systems. State consent notices and other regulatory requirements are created automatically, as is product eligibility, pricing and sales confirmation. Self-service reports available for insurance providers and clients to measure performance.

Top quality website creation

Creates a personal website for each customer (clients love this) which holds their policy information, educational material, and which can be used to offer other products based on interest and eligibility.


Welcome to Spring, the easiest to use and most powerful assisted enrollment platform that gives agents and call centers the ability to enroll ANY number of products in person or by phone, with configurable scripts and guaranteed compliance on a single platform.

Multiple applications enrollment on a single platform

Allows any number of different products to be enrolled on one platform, reducing time to enroll and administer, and can be done in-house, in days.

Ideal for call centers and sales reps

Allows tailored pre-configured screen prompts and scripts to be incorporated to assist every enrollment sale.

Faster and more accurate enrollments

Speeds up the sales process by displaying only the questions that are relevant to each product. Guided questions and self-formatting ensures that each question is completed correctly, with all the required information, eliminating carrier rejected applications.


Requires no IT or vendor support to set up and roll out, which allows you to scale at your own pace.

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