About us
Afinium Corp is a team of industry experts in different fields who came together with one common objective; to develop innovative and versatile software to revolutionize the way the world sells financial products.
As an experienced partner with a deep understanding of global financial services, marketing and technology--we recognize the value of empowering consumers to make informed financial decisions. By personalizing the buyer's journey our platforms allow for increase engagement which maximise sales, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.
People before products. At Afinium Corp, we recognize the value of empowering consumers to make informed financial decisions. We will continue to create an efficient suite of software solutions to help navigate the financial services product buying landscape. Scalable and virtually accessible to all who use it, we strive to make technology integrate seamlessly, act as a personal guide, and adapt to growing individual and industry needs.
Meet the key executives behind Afinium Corp
Matthew Hooper
30 years in sales and marketing. Founded Interfocus Group, building it to an £85 million, top 10 UK advertising agency, with global blue-chip clients, and creating numerous loyalty programs, selling it in 2003. Ex-Chairman of MAA. Co-founder Afinium Corp.
Andrew Allsopp

20 years in technology sector, including 15 years in financial services, designing leading technology solutions, including Mybenefits in 1999. Following its sale to AEGON Andy joined AEGON Benefit Solutions as CTO from 2002 – 2006. He was the software architect for FleX from 2006 – 2008, and is a founder of Afinium Corp.