Afinium was established in 2012 as a result of the acquisition of two former software companies and personnel that have spent over 20 years in creating CRM systems and programs for a wide variety of sectors and industries spanning Asia, Europe and the Americas


Robert Paterson, Chairman. 25 years in financial services & software development in the UK and USA. Created the leading web-based employee benefits platform in the UK (Mybenefits), which was later sold to Aegon. Co-founder in Afinium,

Matthew Hooper, CEO. 30 years in sales and marketing. Left Diageo in 1989 to found Interfocus Group, building it in to a £85 million, top UK 10 marketing agency, with global blue chip clients, selling in 2003. Ex-Chairman of MAA, Co-founder in Afinium.

Andrew Allsopp, Chief Technical Officer. 15 years in technology sector including 9 years in financial services designing technology solutions initially with AEGON Benefit Solutions as CTO 1999-2006. software architect for FleX 2006-2008. Co-founder in Afinium.

James Ouimet, President Marketing and Sales. 30 years in financial services. Director, Personal Insurance Marketing at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, President & CEO at Kentucky Home Mutual Life Insurance Company. Vice President Brokerage Sales - Medical Life Insurance Company leaving in 2005 to start. James Consulting Group-Owner/Consultant. Co-founder of Afinium.

Roslyn Hurt-Steverson - Senior USA Project Manager. 18 years in insurance & financial services; 5 years in the public and non-profit sectors. Information Technology Project Coordinator at AIG in Employee Benefits, Affinity Benefits and Voluntary/Worksite Benefits, 2002-2013. PMI-Certified Project Manager.

What is Stream?

Stream is a unified self-service, rules based, enterprise SAAS platform that allows the delivery of any number of sophisticated and regulated financial products in a highly customer centric, personalized and compliant manner to any number of end users simultaneously. It provides seamless distribution, marketing and enrolment capability across Affinity groups and Associations, as well as Worksite and Direct to Consumer.

With the inbuilt ability to analyze customer and behavioral data in ‘real time’ it can steer and influence purchase behaviour such that it optimizes sales and marketing performance. Stream’s ability to work across different business units provides greatly enhanced data quality, analytics and market insights that can be applied enterprise wide and instantaneously.

With no requirement for bespoke vendor software development or IT skills to operate, Stream delivers 99% of what a Customer requires to better their business, out of the box.

Stream allows users to:

Build and Manage Sites More Efficiently: * Create and manage any number of individually branded Affinity groups and Associations on a single unified technology platform that allows immediate changes and updates to be published to individual web sites, products, TPAs, or across the group.

  • After the initial set up / training websites can be created in hours, and changes made in minutes without requiring IT or external support.
  • Flexibility to create Exchange type websites with guided product selection, eligibility, pricing and recommendations, and educational tools to facilitate sales.
  • Give certain rights/permissions to people or departments to create, or review creation of client portals.
  • Work collaboratively, saving time and money, by delegating management/ publishing rights to compliance, marketing, TPAs, Associations.
  • Work automatically (and self-optimizes) on any platform, pc, mobile, tablet etc.
  • Integrate with call centers / TPAs / live chat/ and share enrollment data to allow remote completion of partial applications.
  • Allows ALL data to be saved and re-visited, including real time alerts and reports to allow immediate follow up and recover lost sales.
  • Create compliant e-signature, on pc, tablet, or phone.

Differentiate / Increase Sales: * New business tool-create new web portals for Associations / direct marketing with better user experience, more functionality, data analytics and marketing functionality. * Increase sales by offering insurance products in a highly customer-centric, personalized, and compliant manner, and to any number of consumers simultaneously. * Stream any content of rich media in any format (i.e. video), as well as avatars and guided help, to enhance each customer experience. * Make real- time changes to communications content, layout and products to optimize sales & marketing ROI for each person based upon previous outcomes. * Make immediate changes to compliance updates, state consent notices, prices, marketing messages and offers, review these changes, and go ‘live’ at the push of a button. * Conduct ‘test and learn marketing’ in a live environment using different messages and automatically deliver ‘best’ message to optimize marketing ROI. * Use Stream’s inbuilt algorithms and reporting to optimize sales and marketing or export data and analytics for further analysis. * Provide detailed analytics/ ROI and information and recommendations to TPAs and Associations based on what works best. * To identify eligibility, calculate pricing, and provide personal reasons why a customer may wish to purchase additional products or coverage (up sales and cross-sales) in the way that the TPA’s best sales person would. * Carve out ‘real estate’ on the portal for Customer’s client use, i.e. for internal messaging, association member communications. * Provide every TPA with their own unique websites, and each end user with their own personal portal to keep policies, make a claim, receive news, marketing offers and updates etc.

Improve Performance and Sales: * Quickly set up / self-configure new cases/sites without technical or IT support, saving time and money. * Allow any nominated users to make ‘controlled’ self-service changes for greater speed and efficiency. * Rapid census data up-load, with reflective questioning to identify product eligibility, personalize communication, price, underwriting and the enrollment experience for each customer. * Optimize sales even during ‘live’ open enrollments using inbuilt data analytics and self-learning algorithms. * Inbuilt ‘Test and Learn’ allows multiple messages / content / rich media or screen layouts to be tested concurrently thousands of times to optimize products and marketing, creating hugely valuable insights that will lead to continuously improved ROI. * Ability to report on whatever you want, data, transactions, behavior, trends, customer insights etc., and export data for further analysis. Then upload any “big data” insights into Stream to test and validate in the real market. Simplify Admin & Data Processing: * Through APIs, allow for any census / customer data to be pre-loaded, interrogate underwriting, integrate with Call Centers, social media, send client and behavioral data in any format to anywhere, for though processing, data analytics, marketing, reporting etc. * Map the customer data to carrier PDFs, whilst sending the data electronically for through processing / policy issue, therefore avoiding the need for the customer, TPA or carrier to re-key ANY data. * Middleware and data configuration tools can join up the front and back office by allowing faster re-configuration of sales / enrollment processes, and allow data to be mapped in any format to allow simplified integration with legacy / third party systems.

Stream is the most flexible and advanced platform on the market, designed to meet the demands of both today’s business and end users. It allows for the creation of numerous branded websites that deliver one to one personalized relevant communication focused on improving marketing and sales ROI, and reducing costs through better systems and data integration.†